BULL-EX Training Tools

The Bull-Ex fire extinguisher training system senses where the trainee aims the extinguisher and sweeps the compressed air and water and varies the flames automatically. The system features SmartProps™ that not only provide a realistic flame pattern, but also require that trainees use the proper technique for the flames to be extinguished.

The Bull-Ex’s automatic flame response and sensing system allows your trainee to learn how to effectively use a fire extinguisher without the cost and clean-up associated with using dry-chemical or CO2 extinguishers. Comprehensive, realistic and safe OSHA fire extinguisher training is made easy.

Class A, B or C fires can be selected at four different difficulty levels or utilize a SmartProp to create realistic flame patterns to further challenge trainees.

Stainless steel props include:

Class A– Trash Can
Flames grow gradually and increase in intensity from the trash can prop. While maintaining a safe distance trainees must aim properly, ensuring the proper application of the SmartExtinguisher to put out the flames.

Class B- Stove Top
Flames erupt from the pan as well as the burner surface simulating a stove top grease fire. Trainees must maintain a safe distance and apply the SmartExtinguisher to both the pot and burner to successfully extinguish the flames.

Class B- Paint Locker
Flames grow to engulf the shelves and paint cans in this Class B fire prop. Trainees must aim and sweep the SmartExtinguisher across the entire prop, but focus on the lower shelf where the fire is most intense to put out this fire.

Class C- Electric Motor
Fire initially sparks within the motor casing before extending beyond the appliance, simulating an electrically charged motor fire. Trainees must aim and sweep, coating the entire device to extinguish this stubborn fire.

The live-fire Bull-Ex system provides many advantages over conventional burn pans. Because there is no longer a need to discharge and recharge costly dry-chemical or CO2 extinguishers, Bull-Ex live-fire extinguisher training systems are often more cost effective.

Request Equipment
The Bull-Ex fire extinguisher training system is available to requesting agencies throughout Iowa. To request the Bull-Ex fire extinguisher training system, please contact Margaret Desiderio at 515-574-1264 or desiderio_m@iowacentral.edu.

Prior to approval of request please fill out & submit the form below to Margaret Desiderio fax# 515-574-1272

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BULL-EX Training