ALERRT Training

The Goal
The goal of the ALERRT course is to aid police officers, specifically the true first responders, in their ability to safely and effectively respond to, address, and stop an active shooter.

The tragedy at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado changed the way law enforcement reacts to active shooting situations. When two students took control of Columbine High School on April 20, 1999, the first responding patrol officers established a perimeter and called in the SWAT team. For 45 minutes, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold had free rein of the school before the SWAT team made entry. During this 45 minutes, the shooters killed 13 people, critically wounded 24 and injured more than 160 others. The first responders were crucified in the media for their perceived lack of response to the unfolding events at Columbine High School. What the media and public did not understand was that the first responders acted as they had been trained and conditioned to do. This tragedy identified weaknesses and outdated philosophies in tactical training and response.

Emergency deployment protocols were developed across the country and agencies recognized the need to empower the first responders to make immediate, tactical decisions to stop the ongoing violence and save lives. However, this new mandate must also be addressed in training. It is neither appropriate nor advisable to simply TELL our first responders how to respond without first training them HOW TO respond. The ultimate mission of the ALERRT Active Shooter course is to train first responders in basic tactical skills to safely and effectively respond to, address, and stop an active shooter and to offer this training to agencies at little or no cost to the agency or the officers taking the course.

Violent attacks in schools, businesses and public places continue to rise, and national terrorism alerts remain in the headlines. The responsibility for quality comprehensive tactical training falls on the shoulders of the men and women who are the front line responders to such critical incidents. Law enforcement agencies across the country are seeking to develop new tactics, policies and awareness programs to deal with active shooter situations.

Request Equipment
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To date, the Homeland Security Training Center (HSTC) has hosted two Train-the-Trainer courses and trained nearly 90 officers to teach this curriculum throughout the state. The HSTC has also trained nearly 650 law enforcement, correction, and military officials in the two-day operator course of the ALERRT training.

What Iowa citizens are saying about the training:
“Finally we are going to be proactive. Those who think it can't happen in Fort Dodge are fooling themselves. It can happen on the street, restaurant, and yes a school as society has changed from when I know I was a kid. Thank you for giving our police men and women the knowledge they need to help us all if this should ever happen here.”

“Here, here! Three Cheers! Things are changing in the world every day and it's not all nice. Thank God these people have the right idea. You go for it and by the way thank you for the job that you do each and every day. You’re great!”

What Iowa law enforcement officers are saying about the training:

"This was an exceptional class. The Instructors were highly competent and the instruction built a strong foundation for inter-agency scenarios. This is most likely the best tactical training I've received in the last 20 years."
Police Chief Robert Bokinsky
Pella Police Department

"Great training. Very knowledgeable instructors. Strongly agree every officer in the state should take this training."
Deputy Jeff Coder
Marion County S.O.

“The ALERRT Training Program is designed and geared for the everyday patrol officer and is truly an eye opening experience.  This program should be a must for every officer on your department. This program will prepare you mentally to handle this situation when it arises.”
Sgt Detective Luke Fleener
Webster County Sheriff's Department

“I have attended active shooter classes put on by a variety of sources, but ALERRT is the most comprehensive, real life, scenario based training yet! ALERRT explores and trains important aspects of active shooter training that other classes don’t even touch on! You will leave this class feeling prepared to take on an active shooter situation WHEN it happens to you!
Nathan Haupert
Iowa Department of Natural Resources

“This needs to be taught at all police academies! All officers that have already gone through the academy need this training! This was the best class I have ever been to. It really opens your eyes!”
Ryan Anderson
Carlisle PD

“The best training mimics real life. ALERRT will save lives – both law enforcement and those we were sent to protect.”
Jeff Feldhans
Calhoun County Sheriffs Office

“The ALERRT training is some of the most effective and practical training for law enforcement in today’s society and world events. With an extensive history and training in this type of activity, I found the instructors and content to be excellent.”
Matthew Snyder
Nevada PD

“After 32 years in law enforcement, I finally have some good real life hands on training based on real experiences.”
Walter Sellens
Hamilton, Illinois PD

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